Delivery Mates is a
White Label Solution

Delivery Mates final mile delivery solution enables local businesses to move goods quickly and easily. Imagine delivering your products or picking up your purchases as efficiently as you order pizza; with a simple click and immediate results.

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Delivery Mates 360 Solution

Our 360 proposition is unique in the marketplace. We supply delivery drivers, vehicles and delivery management software along with service and maintenance for the complete final mile solution.

Delivery Mates for Retail

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Delivery Mates for Food Delivery

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Delivery Mates for Car Parts

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Delivery Mates for Pharmaceutical Industry

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How do we do it?

We always take a hand-on approach and really get to know our customers. It’s all about understanding your goals and working with you to achieve them. We treat every customer as a partner.

  • Dedicated project management squad
  • Dedicated global launch team
  • Customer success manager
  • Data driven decision making
  • Agile lean team for quality control & development

Why our operations are unique?

We combine the learning from our logistics operations with our in-house development team to create powerful, functional and intuitive software. This synergy is rare as logistic operators usually work with agencies to build solutions.


We source, on-board, train, manage and pay all personnel;


A mix of vehicles including motorcycles, scooters and vans, both petrol and eco-friendly vehicles;


Deployment of unique logistics models such as exchange points, hub and spoke and floating fleets;


Our field experience is well regarded and through our learnings we have adapted our software to solve the challenges you will face ;

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